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Honoring Dr. King

Okaloosa Democrats continued a long-standing tradition by participating in two MLK events this year. Crestview held its parade on Saturday and the Fort Walton parade and rally was on Monday. Our volunteers gave away candy and registered voters as a part of #MLKDayofActionFL.

Crestview Parade

Fort Walton Voter Registration

John Plante, who manages our Twitter account, was challenged by "DepLaurably Impeached Cult45 member" to explain what we've done to "earn being associated with this man." His response was touching and represents our highest values:

"Martin Luther King Jr and his Legacy should be celebrated by all parties and people from all walks of life. He's an admirable man whose work and example we feel should emulated. His work and message transcends barriers. His legacy of civil rights advancement is why we fight.

"King's legacy was to lift the individual's status, to help us all rise to the same level of equality and understanding so that when we see another human being, we know we all have the same energy, the same kind of soul underneath, the same kind of warmth of life, the same dignity.

"The Okaloosa Democrats were at the parade yesterday, to participate in that Legacy, to help advance his cause by registering voters and showing that we share Dr King's principles of advancing equality and human dignity and because we believe in the righteousness of his cause."

There's no doubt that we will encounter hostile people in our Voter Registration and Get-Out-The-Vote efforts this year. Let us continue to be inspired not only by Dr. King's dream, but his endurance and dignity in the face of adversity.

You can help spread our message by following and retweeting us at @DemsofOkaloosa.


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