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The Future Looks Bright. Join Us!

Move Over 2020, 2021 is Here!!

2020 was a difficult year for many families, especially those impacted by COVID and struggling with the economic impacts of the pandemic. It’s a reminder of the importance of electing leaders who fight for everyday people. We are grateful that starting on January 20th Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will lead the country.

Despite the challenges of getting out the vote during a pandemic, Okaloosa Democrats had a banner year. Below is a “by the numbers” account of our accomplishments. But we aren't done! We will build on this momentum because so much is at stake for families in our community. We hope you will consider making a one time or recurring monthly donation to support us in continuing this important work. No amount is too small!

2020 Recap:

  • 175 volunteers left candidate literature on 11,0000 doorsteps, made tens of thousands of phone calls and sent thousands of texts

  • We mailed 15,000+ postcards – many of them hand written by our office staff!

  • 127 generous donors helped us have our best year ever financially

  • We put up 7 billboards throughout the county!

  • Our Voter Protection Team of 40 people served as Poll Watchers and “cured” ballots, with the goal of making sure every vote cast by a Democrat was counted

  • 28 volunteers staffed our office

  • 2600 Biden/Harris yard signs were distributed

  • With our help, 12,000+ Okaloosa County Democrats signed up for vote-by-mail, which increases voter turnout by over 40%

  • We helped recruit and support 3 candidates for the Florida Legislature and for the first time in 30 years, Democrats were on the ballot in every race from President to State House

And because of all this (drumroll please…)

We were the #1 county in Florida for shifting the vote margin from red to blue with a 5.2% increase!

But there is more to do! Our priorities for 2021 include supporting Democrats running for local municipal offices and reaching out to NPA’s (non-party affiliates) to identify those who are aligned with our values and likely to support Democratic candidates. And it’s not too early to start building our war chest to defeat Marco Rubio and Ron DeSantis in 2022. We are still fired up and ready to go. Will you join us by donating HERE? Monthly recurring donations, no matter the size, are especially helpful because they allow us to budget and plan.

A big thank you to our Clubs and Caucuses and all the folks who helped out in 2020. Wishing everyone a healthy and prosperous New Year! Tracey Tapp, Chair Okaloosa County Democratic Party


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