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Another busy week ahead!

Events for February 15-22

Our canvassing for local candidates will continue this Saturday, February 15, AND next Saturday, February 22. Our canvassers are meeting a lot of great Democrats! Sign up to join them at MobilizeAmerica

On Sunday February 16, the Hispanic Caucus will host their first Hispanic Social. We hope that this monthly gathering will help build connections and celebrate the Hispanic community. This month the social will be in Fort Walton - next month's will be in Crestview.

On Monday, the Democratic Pride Squad's monthly meeting will feature a special guest: Stephen Gaskill, President of the Florida Democratic LGBTQ+ Caucus.

The Democratic Executive Committee will meet on Tuesday. The DEC is the official arm of the Florida Democratic Party in Okaloosa. All Democrats are welcome, especially if you're interested in getting more involved with our organizing and canvassing efforts.

On Wednesday, February 19, the Pride Squad will host a Democratic primary debate Watch Party at the office in Shalimar. There's no cost, and we will provide soft drinks. Bring a snack to share!

The Democratic Women's club will host its monthly membership meeting on Thursday, February 20. The guest speaker will be Ms. Athena P. Riley, a local attorney, who is working on getting a bill through our legislature about regulating the mid-wife industry in the state of Florida.

Find the full list of events with times and locations on our calendar at our MobilizeAmerica page. Remember, your RSVP.s help our volunteer organizers who work hard to make these events go smoothly.


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